Is your city Tiny-friendly?

The push for affordable housing solutions has opened the door to California backyards.  The American Tiny House Association of San Diego is taking a stand to proclaim, Yes-In-My-Backyard with Movable Tiny Homes.  

Our mission is to promote the tiny house as a viable, formally acceptable dwelling option for a wide variety of people.​

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                  TINY HOME COMMUNITIES 


2020 – The Year of the ADU.  The fastest way to create affordable housing by maximizing backyards.​

Movable Tiny Homes have arrived! With Los Angeles legalizing Movable Tiny Homes, is San Diego next?​

The Return of Pocket Neighborhoods.  Small foot-print homes arranged to share a common area answers more than affordability. ​

Can a Movable Tiny Home

be an ADU type?​





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